Sticky Issues

Every single one of us has come to a point in life where we wanted something sticky to come off of your furniture/walls/clothes/hair etc, and it just will not obey. If you have kids you probably face this on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

i.e. Not so silly putty

Lemon oil is the perfect tool to have in your arsenal in these situations. This oil is cold pressed from the rinds of lemons and is super concentrated in a power packed little bottle of gold.

Side tip: Add a couple drops of lemon to your Thieves Household Cleaner spray and amp up that cleaning power while giving it an extra citrus smell!

If you find yourself in a sticky situation grab the lemon oil, drop it on the desired area and scrub off the sticker or work out the gum in your hair. You will find it crazy easy.

In my example, I accidentally labeled my son’s school water bottle with the wrong type of label.

img_83621.jpgNo amount of finger nail scraping was going to work so I busted out the lemon oil.

Take a look below:


Word on the street is that lemon oil will also remove permanent marker from unwanted places like the hallway wall or your brand new shoes … because toddlers.

Good News! Lemon oil is in the Starter Kit!

There are 99 ways to use lemon oil, and this is just 1. More on that to come I am sure.






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