Starter Kit Oils Through The Holidays

The Young Living Starter Kit would make a great early Christmas gift from Santa (that’s how I got mine in 2016).


Here is how it will help you get through these next few holiday-packed months


** Kids hyped up on Candy? – Lavender in the diffuser or in a linen spray so their heads hit the pillow hard.
**Reeling from that amazing costume party? – Peppermint and Copaiba on your temples and back of neck, Digize rubbed on your stomach




**Do you have a big family that gets rowdy? – Stress Away as a perfume
** Ate too much? – Digize on your stomach
** Have that turkey hangover? – Peppermint & Lemon in the diffuser to wake you up!




** Stressed out from present shopping? – Frankincense on your big toes at night, Stress Away & Lavender in the diffuser
**Trying to stay healthy through the cold weather? – Thieves & Lemon in your hot tea or Thieves in your coffee grounds
** Want that “Christmas smell” in your home- Thieves, Peppermint and Stress Away in the diffuser
** Getting into the spirit? – Peppermint in your hot chocolate
** Sore from wrapping allll those presents? – Panaway, Copaiba & Peppermint rubbed on your muscles



**Want to be a mixologist for the night? – Throw Lemon Vitality in your cocktail or make a mimosa with your Ningxia Red sample
** Need help staying awake until midnight? – Peppermint & Lemon in the diffuser
**Have the sniffles from being out in the cold to watch the ball drop? – Raven on your chest or in the steamy shower
** Starting fresh for the new year? – Citrus Fresh to ring in a great 2019

Purchase Here if you would like to Treat Yo Self, or if you would like to be a Secret Santa to some lucky person.


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