You Down with CBD? Ya, You Know Me!

There are so many misconceptions about CBD oil out there right now. Heck, it isn’t even legal to grow medicinal CBD plants in all 50 states just yet. Thankfully however, It is legal to consume CBD products nationwide.

CBD is the medicinal cannabinoid of the cannabis sativa plant. More commonly known as Hemp. CBD is also found in recreational cannabis but in generally much smaller amounts. Nearly all cannabinoids have been found to have healing properties, however CBD has the widest range of medicinal uses. CBD products are legally mandated to have less than .3% of THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid) and therefore they will not give you the “high” that recreational cannabis does. It also will not show up on a drug test.

Because of the lack of overall consumer knowledge on the subject of CBD, this industry has been hard to regulate for quality as well as price. A lot of times you need to try out different companies, and research their growing methods, before you land on one you like and works for you. For us, Botana is the brand. They follow the same strict standards that Young Living does by growing organically and bringing only the purest product to their consumers.

Here is where I am going to get sciencey with you, but stick with me! I promise it will be worth it…

A lot of times people look for a product with a high number of CBD milligrams. They think, the higher the mg content, the more potent. In fact, many products that have high CBD levels are extracts that lack any of the other beneficial cannabinoids present in the plant (CBN,CBG, Terpenes, etc.) Botana is one of only a hand full of companies using an advanced alchemical process, spagyric extraction, which helps capture all the other beneficial minerals in the plant. When all of these minerals are present and combined together their potency multiples from the “entourage effect.” In the end, Botana products are 6-10 times more effective then similar products, with tinctures being 95% bioavailable when taken sublingually. It’s also worth noting, before selling their own products, Botana was (and still is) a top organic hemp producer for a number of different companies. Pure hemp + Pure extraction = Potent results! So in fact, MG is important, but not the only factor worth considering when choosing which product will bring the best results.

There are many different ways to use CBD products; tinctures you take orally when needed, capsules to take daily, massage oils, baked into food/confections, salves to rub into sore muscles etc. The why you need it should determine the how you take it.

Personally we love:

CBD Hemp Oil Capsules taken nightly to help with overall body inflammation as well as getting a great nights rest. You will see the effect after a few consistent days of taking the capsules since the cannabinoids need to build up in your system for the full benefit.

CBD Capsules

Stress Response Tincture taken sublingually when needed. You know those days/times! It tastes like a plant, but shouldn’t it? That’s how you know you are getting the pure goodness.Stress Response CBD

CBD Hemp Salve rubbed into our sore joints and muscles for an instant relief. This stuff is WOW guys. Just make sure you spend about 2 minutes rubbing it into the area needed so you know it has the best absorption rate.




Do we have you intrigued yet? If so, take 15% off ALL Botana’s products by using our promo code PRESTON15 and see for yourself!



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