Selling Your Home The Oily Way

Preston and I are a Real Estate duo in Arizona. Somehow we haven’t gotten sick of each other yet! It’s so fun for us to share our passion for what we do, whether it be in Real Estate or oils. So whenever those worlds cross over, it’s extra exciting for us nerds. This crossover post is all about selling your home and how a simple smell in the diffuser may increase your chances of catching that buyer.

rose flower

Smells can influence action in a person. You smell the floral scents in the grocery store and may just run over and pick up a dozen roses for your kitchen. Or a whiff of something from the bakery will have fresh rolls in your basket in no time. Smells from your past can also immediately drift you into a nostalgic haze. What people think of first when planning an Open House is baking fresh chocolate chip cookies in the oven so the house feels like home when buyers walk in.

Contrary to that popular belief, cookies are not the best way to woo via the nose.  A study by Spangenberg, Sprott and Zidansek (2012) found that in fact, simple scents are the most effective way to get people to open their wallets and spend $$$$. The smell of cookies can be complicated to your olfactory senses by including many different scents all at once such as chocolate, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon etc. This study shows that just by infusing a retail store with the simple scent of Orange, sales increased by 20%!orangeArmed with that knowledge, Preston and I always bring our diffuser with us to every Open House. We diffuse Orange Essential Oil the most but we also like to try other citrus scents like Lemon (with 1 drop peppermint to make it smell like a spa). This does more than just help with the atmosphere. It can also eliminate other smells in the house that may not be too pleasant to incoming buyers ex) pets or the stale smell of a vacant home. If you are living in your home while trying to sell it, we definitely recommend investing in a diffuser and turning it on right before you know there will be a showing. We lend out diffusers to our clients for this use all the time. DSC_1830Ok so Orange Oil is no replacement for an actual Realtor doing a great job {give us a call 😉 }  but it can definitely give you a helpful little edge over the other houses for sale on the block.

Happy selling ya’ll!




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