Young Living Premium Starter Kit


In my opinion, the most important product that Young Living sells is it’s Premium Starter Kit. It includes the 12 most popular and versatile oils available, a high quality diffuser, as well as samples of the antioxidant beverage Ningxia Red, Thieves Hand Sanitizer and Thieves Spray. Along with those goodies, you will gain an amazing supportive oily community of friends and resources from me to get you started!

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CBD Products From Botana

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Experience the amazing benefits of CBD products for yourself and take advantage of our 15% off promotion code for everything on Botana’s website (including sale items).

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One of the big questions I get often is “Where do you get ____?” Below you will find 3rd party links to the accessories and products that I personally use. I use glassware because Young Living oils are very concentrated. If you put essential oils, especially citrus oils, into plastic containers it can degrade and eat away at the plastic over time. If you have any suggestions for products that you use, please let me know! I would love to hear what your favorites are.

Categories Include: 

Sprays                                                           Jars

Rollers                                                          Labels

Droppers                                                     Carrier Oils

Inhalers                                                       Diffuser Jewelry

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16 oz Glass Spray Bottles: Purchase Here

*Good for Thieves Household cleaner Spray.

8oz Glass Spray Bottles: Purchase Here

*Good for more concentrated Thieves Household Cleaner, Mermaid Hair Spray, Pest Spray & Room Spray.

4 oz Glass Spray Bottles: Purchase Here

*Good for perfumes/colognes, linen sprays, kid’s “monster spray,” & room sprays.


10ml Glass Rollers: Purchase Here

*Good for the everyday usage & travel of personal blends. Ex) Allergy Trio, Immunity Roller and Calm/Anxiety Roller. Also good for having properly diluted oils ready for kids.


1oz Glass Dropper Bottles: Purchase Here

2oz Glass Dropper Bottles: Purchase Here

*Good for pre-made diffuser blends, perfume & beard oil


Portable Wick Inhalers: Purchase Here

*Good for stashing in your purse or pocket on the go


8oz Mason Jars: Purchase Here

*Good for DIY skin care products (scrubs, face/eye creams), pre-made epsom salt blends, small candles


My Favorites : Purchase Here 

*Good for rollers, small sprays and larger THC sprays. Pre-Written blend names.

Labels Etsy.jpg

Simple Plain Labels: Purchase Here

*Good for all types of bottles and customizing your blend names

Pre-Written Circle YL Oil Labels – Purchase Through Your YL Wholesale Account $3

*Good for slapping on the top of your 5ml or 15ml oil bottles so you won’t be searching your whole stash for the one you need

Lables YL.jpg



*Good for diluting oils either on the spot or in pre-made roller recipes –BLOG POST 

Fractionated Coconut Oil: Purchase Here

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: Purchase Here

Vitamin E Oil: Purchase Here

Jojoba Oil: Purchase Here

Rosehip Seed Oil: Purchase Here

Avocado Oil: Purchase Here

Grapeseed Oil: Purchase Here


*Great for making your own ingestible concoction for whatever your body needs. Put 1-2 drops of EO in along with some carrier oil.

Vegetarian: Young Living sells vegetarian capsules and you can purchase them either retail or through your wholesale account. Purchase Here

Vegetarian Amazon option: Purchase Here

Gelatin: Purchase Here


Necklace: Purchase Here

Lava Stone Necklace: Purchase Here

Lava Stone Bracelet: Purchase Here





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